GIS Consulting

With support from the Columbia Population Research Center and the Mailman School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology EDGE Program, the BEH research group is providing GIS and spatial analyses consulting services for investigators developing new research projects. Please check the menu items in the GIS Consulting drop down menu to learn more about working with us.

For the development of new projects the services include:

1. Consultation meetings with investigators to help them conceptualize research questions, familiarize them with geo-spatial /GIS research concepts, describe to them the available geo-spatial data, describe to them the statistical analysis methods developed for such research in New York City, and help them operationalize their definitions of neighborhoods and neighborhood characteristics.

2. Consultations on developing a research plan for using neighborhood data.

3. Development of Methods and Preliminary studies text and citations for grant applications.

4. Access to and analysis of geo-spatial data for preliminary studies.

5. Availability of well published faculty and/or geographers to serve as collaborators on grant proposals to execute the research.

For existing funded projects where investigators would like GIS support or access to geo-spatial data, the BEH group provides expertise, data, and GIS analyses on a fee for service basis.

Contact: James Quinn at or Andrew Rundle at

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