The BEH group is working on, or has completed, numerous research projects investigating how neighborhood built and social environments affect health and health behaviors.  Below are links to the projects….

Google Street View:  We are developing tools to use Street View to collect data on neighborhood conditions.

Immigrant health and immigrant neighborhoods:  Over 40% of residents of New York City are immigrants and we are studying how the neighborhoods they form and live in affect their health.

Neighborhood Food Environments:  A series of projects assessing associations between neighborhood food access and obesity and diet.

Neighborhood Access to Parks and Playgrounds:  A series of studies focused on public parks.

Neighborhood Walkability:  A series of studies of urban design and obesity, walking and physical activity.

NYCFITNESSGRAM:  A study of neighborhood determinants of childhood obesity and fitness, using data from over 600,000 NYC public school children.

Partnership for Public Health:  A series of projects to make GIS and geospatial analyses available to community groups in NYC.

Literature Reviews, Methodological Reviews and Meta-analysis:  Our efforts to review the literature, illustrate methodological issues, and conduct meta-analyses of data from across multiple studies.

Urban Forestry:  How does the urban forest affect health and pollution levels?

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