TEDMED Great Challenges: Promoting Active Lifestyles

Dr. Rundle is part of the TEDMED Great Challenges Team for the Challenge of Promoting Active Lifestyles.  Through the Great Challenges Program TEDMED plans to start a series of conversations on how can we better understand complex, widespread health and medical issues like how to overcome the challenges of promoting physical activity.  Physical activity protects against cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Type II diabetes, yet most children and adults do not meet current recommendations for being active.

A critical first step is to garner knowledge and ideas from all of us with a passion for improving our future. Through the TEDMED website, everyone can learn more about 20 of the Great Challenges in Health and Medicine, share ideas and comments, and ask questions from leaders as part of TEDMED’s Great Challenges program.  To join in, visit www.tedmed.com/GreatChallenges, follow @TEDMED or #greatchallenges on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

The Great Challenges Program is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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