Launching the Interactive-Pedestrian Injury Mapper (I-PIM)

In 2015 in the U.S. 5,376 pedestrians were killed and 70,000 were injured. The Built Environment and Health Research Group has just launched the Interactive-Pedestrian Injury Mapper (I-PIM) website (HERE), to crowd source the collection of data on locations where pedestrians have been hit by automobiles.  Our goal is to collect location data on intersections where pedestrians have been injured so that built environment, side-walk and road-way risk factors for pedestrian injuries can be identified.

I-PIM has a Google maps based tool that allows a user to place a pin on the intersection or street where they were hit and to then map the route they walked prior to getting hit. I-PIM then asks some questions about the user, such as age and gender and then asks some questions about the collision, such as the type of vehicle that hit the person and whether they received medical care at the scene or had to go to the hospital.

Once injury location and route data from a lot of people have been entered into I-PIM, we plan to use Google Street View to virtually walk the routes and collision site and collect data on built environment, side-walk and road-way risk factors such as the presence of cross-walks, stop signs, visual distractions and blocked sight lines.  Our goal is to understand the ways in which pedestrian and roadway infrastructure at intersections that people crossed without being hit differs from intersections where they were hit.

If you have been hit by an automobile and would like to enter your information into I-PIM click HERE.

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