At Risk Populations for Severe COVID-19, Part IV

Our geographer extraordinaire, James Quinn, built a new version of our interactive mapping tool for severe COVID-19.  The map depicts populations at high risk of severe COVID-19 due to older age or underlying health conditions, the availability of ICU beds and the ratios of  high risk populations to ICU beds.  The interactive mapping tool is here.  This is an ongoing project and we will keep updating the maps with new data and features as the pandemic continues.

ICU bed counts from HRSA ( As roughly 66% of these beds are currently occupied, these numbers overstate the number of beds available for COVID-19 patients.

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1 Response to At Risk Populations for Severe COVID-19, Part IV

  1. Buster Schrage says:

    This is the most useful tool I have seen to date to begin game planning a defense against this virus. I would like to collaborate with the compilers of this data with our very localized information. We have compiled the hospitals that serve our area and the closest hospital to each address in our Region. It is all on arcgisonline and I would be open to sharing this information to create a template for other areas to follow.

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