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At Risk Populations for Severe COVID-19, part II

We have continued to work with‘s excellent data portal tool to map populations at risk of severe COVID-19.  Our prior post is here.  The map below shows Counties in purple with high numbers of adults 65 years or older … Continue reading

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At Risk Populations for Severe COVID-19

Like the vast majority of the world, we have been obsessing over the COVID-19 pandemic.  Given that certain populations are at risk for severe COVID-19 disease we have been wondering where the at risk populations are in the U.S.  To … Continue reading

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Measuring Neighborhood Walkability across Communities in the U.S. Over the Past Three Decades

The evidence on links between neighborhood walkability and physical activity and body mass index remains limited because there have been few longitudinal studies with repeated measures of neighborhood walkability and health behavior and outcomes.  While large cohort studies with long-term … Continue reading

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How and where patterns of activity among older adults change over time

At BEH, we’re interested in how your residential neighborhood affects how physically active you are. But we’ve come to understand that being active as not just one thing and not merely a matter of expending calories. That is, walking is … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Physical Disorder and Physical Activity Among Older Adults in NYC

Through the years, we have done a fair amount of work to collect and validate measures of neighborhood physical disorder – urban deterioration – using our CANVAS/Google Street View system. Neighborhood disorder is controversial construct and measure, not only because … Continue reading

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Food Environment and BMI in NYC

We have continued our work studying the food environment in NYC, developing measures that take a more ecosystem perspective on neighborhood food environments.  For each zip code, we measured the density of food outlets, the proportion of retail food outlets … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Access to park space and BMI

Our recent article in the American Journal of Health Promotion explores the association between New York City resident’s body mass index (BMI) and their access to neighborhood parks, park quality, and park physical activity resources. Our analyses show that higher … Continue reading

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