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Newly Funded Work on Pedestrian Injury

We have recently been funded by NIH to conduct a four-year study of how urban design, the locations of alcohol selling establishments, night life districts and locations of services for the homeless influence pedestrian fatality risk.  We will be conducting … Continue reading

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National Geographic Cities Issue

Just a quick note:  The April 2019 issue of National Geographic focuses on Cities and how to redesign them to support health, sustainability and community.  The issue covers transit oriented design, China’s new urban design regulations, walking through Tokyo, the … Continue reading

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Free-floating Bike Share in Seattle

BEH member Steve Mooney recently led two studies regarding the use of the free-floating bike share system in Seattle.  (Free-floating bike share systems are systems that allow users to pick up and leave bikes anywhere within a service area rather … Continue reading

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Using Google Street View to Understand Pedestrian Injury Risk

In 2013, an estimated 70 000 pedestrians were injured or killed by motor vehicles in the United States. In New York City more pedestrians than vehicle occupants have been killed by motor vehicles each year since at least 1910.  Pedestrian … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Safety and Physical Activity

Would you go for a walk around the block or in a local park if you thought your neighborhood unsafe and you would be in danger? At BEH, we care a lot about understanding constraints on outdoor physical activity, including … Continue reading

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Beyond Your Waist and Lungs: BEH Investigates Pedestrian Injury Risk

While most of our work to date has been concerned with physical activity, obesity and asthma, the built environment can also shape injury risk.  Nearly 5,000 pedestrians in the U.S. are killed by motor vehicles ever year, and a small … Continue reading

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Our Entry for the Knight News Challenge: How can we harness data and information for the health of communities?

We entered a project into the Knight News Foundation Challenge: How can we harness data and information for the health of communities?  Our proposal is to further develop our CANVAS: Street View project and make it available to researchers, agencies … Continue reading

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Obesity among Children from Low Income Families in NYC

Our recent paper in published in the journal Preventive Medicine looks at obesity among children in a means-tested preschool program in New York City.  Among the 11,562 children from low income families enrolled the program in 2004, 16% were overweight and 24% … Continue reading

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Recent Research Papers

Several new papers from the group have come out in the past several months. In the Journal of Urban Health we published a paper showing that New Yorker’s engagement in active transport, either walking or cycling, is positively associated with … Continue reading

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NY Post reported on our article about Neighborhood Attractiveness and BMI

Sunday’s NY Post included an article entitled “City Waist Lands” about our work on neighborhood attractiveness and BMI in New York City.  The research paper was originally published in the October issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  The … Continue reading

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