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Using GPS and Accelerometers to Study Neighborhood Walkability and Physical Activity

We just published a paper in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showing that differences in residential neighborhood walkability in New York City (NYC) are associated with how residents utilize neighborhood space and are associated with total weekly physical activity. Higher neighborhood … Continue reading

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CDC Releases New Built Environment Assessment Tool

The CDC released a new direct systematic observation data collection instrument for measuring the core features and quality of the built environment related to behaviors that affect health, especially behaviors such as walking, biking, and other types of physical activity.  The … Continue reading

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New Research Using Google Street View to Conduct Neighborhood ‘Virtual Audits’

We recently published three papers describing our use of Google Street View to conduct ‘virtual-audits’ to collect observational data on neighborhood characteristic and conditions. A long established approach to collecting data on neighborhood conditions is to send trained observers to … Continue reading

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DOHMH releases Data Brief on Neighborhood Walkability and Physical Activity

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene just released a Data Brief describing our collaborative research using data from the Physical Activity and Transit (PAT) Survey to study neighborhood walkability and physical activity in NYC.  This survey used GPS … Continue reading

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Recent Research Papers

Several new papers from the group have come out in the past several months. In the Journal of Urban Health we published a paper showing that New Yorker’s engagement in active transport, either walking or cycling, is positively associated with … Continue reading

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High Resolution Neighborhood Walkability Measures

For our work on neighborhood walkability and physical activity and obesity, we are working on developing very high resolution data on walkability for New York City using our Neighborhood Walkability Index.  We previously posted a Census tract level map of … Continue reading

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New data on neighborhood walkability and active transport

Our research showing an association between neighborhood walkability and active transport (walking or cycling) was just published online by the Journal of Urban Health.  In collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene we analyzed data … Continue reading

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