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New Book on Urban Design

A new book by Reid Ewing and Otto Clemente, Measuring Urban Design: Metrics for Livable Places (Island Press, 2013) includes a chapter by BEH researchers. The chapter, by Kathryn Neckerman, Marnie Purciel, James Quinn, and Andrew Rundle, reports on a … Continue reading

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Recent Research Papers

Several new papers from the group have come out in the past several months. In the Journal of Urban Health we published a paper showing that New Yorker’s engagement in active transport, either walking or cycling, is positively associated with … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Aesthetics, Safety and Active Transport

As you’d expect in a city like NYC, many people walk or bike to get around.  This active transportation can be an important component of physical activity, particularly in neighborhoods that make active transportation an attractive and safe option. Our … Continue reading

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New data on neighborhood walkability and active transport

Our research showing an association between neighborhood walkability and active transport (walking or cycling) was just published online by the Journal of Urban Health.  In collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene we analyzed data … Continue reading

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